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How to Get Your PGPs

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How to Get Your PGPs

Go to this web address: www.five-starnetwork.com.


Next, login to the Five-Star Network with your G+ Account (click the Red G+ Circle):


Enter your Google+ Account username and password, or select it from the list if you have accessed the Five-Star Network before:


If this is your first time inside the Five-Star Network, you may need to fill out information about yourself.  This is important for our records.  Please take a second to fill in your personal information (You only have to do this one time).


Once inside the Five-Star Network, click on “My Learning” at the top and scroll to the bottom of the page.  In the blue footer, you will see a section that says “Join a Group” with a box that says: “Enter a Code”.  


In this box, type the code that the presenter gives you.  This is case sensitive.  

Refresh your page.


Scroll down and find the class that you signed up for and click on it.


Once inside the class, click on Feedback.

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Fill out the Session Survey.


Click “Mark Complete” at the bottom of the page.


You should automatically be awarded a badge for completing the course.


You can click on “Print My Certificate” at any time to get your PGPs for the session that you attended.



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